Yoga, to unite mind, body and breath. 

When I first heard the concept, we are a spirit living a human existence, something went off like a lightbulb inside me. It became clear that I was viewing things the other way around. I was looking at becoming more spiritual as a human, rather than tapping in to the spirit already there. 

Everything that we are looking for in life is already inside us, we just need to make the time to stop, be still and look within.

When I practice Yoga I aim to bring my attention from the outside world, in to the sensations of my body. I practice bringing my awareness from my mind, to the intuition of my body. This is what I practice taking off the mat, in to my life and hope to spark in others as a teacher. 

What we think, we become. 

What we feel, we attract.

What we imagine, we create.

What reality are you creating for yourself as a result of what you think, feel and imagine?

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