5 Day Morning Practice

Start your day with vitality,

inner connection and purpose. 

30 minute guided morning practices - live

Mornings can be tough. But when done right they can set you up for feeling accomplished, purposeful and full of vitality. This spreads out in to the rest of your day and ultimately your life as a whole. 


How do I know? I am not a morning person. At all. When we went back in to isolation in Melbourne I was silently relieved. Nowhere to be. Sleep ins. Freedom to do what I like when I like. Bliss right? For a little while. Yes. But then what starts to creep in is laziness. Inertia. Lack of direction. Anxiety. Guilt. Sound familiar? 


This past month, 13 days to be exact, I have been meeting my fellow teachers on zoom everyday at 7am. We do our own practices, in our own time. The accountabiity of knowing there are actual humans to meet me each morning. Has been a game changer. I am excited to see their faces and it has provided me with a sense of accountability. Not wanting to miss out and ultimately being a part of something bigger than just myself. 


I am enjoying having somewhere to be. I am excited to jump out of bed (most mornings). Who am I? hehe


It sets me up for the rest of my day. I have started with a win. All before my workday starts at 9. 


Join me to be guided in to your day

- Movement (intuitive style guided movement so suitable for all physical abilities).

- Breathwork (pranayama - the harnessing of life force energy or prana through the breath)

- Meditation (grounding and centering oneself for the day ahead)


A 30 minute guided practice, online on zoom, in real time.

More details below



Who is this for?

Anyone who is needing accountability for their home practice.


Anyone who is looking to shift in to some routine during this time.

Anyone who wants to start their day with vitality and inner connection.




31st August - 4th September


Online Zoom - live


8am AEST - 30 minutes



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