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As a modern day working person, you will spend close to 100,000 hours of your life at work. That is ALOT of your precious time. Some of this time will be enjoyable. Some of it will not. Some of it will be boring. Some of it will be stressful. And some of it will be on autopilot, causing you to miss out on the experience of life.

So what can we do to make our 100,000 hours more present and enjoyable? To move it away from the autopilot and stress? We can find some Zen in our everyday life by implementing practices that promote the relaxation response in the nervous system.

Here are 3 things that you can try right now to help your body and mind relax.

#1 Breathe

Close your eyes. Sit up nice and tall with the top (crown) of your head lifting up towards the sky. Feel the sit bones pressing in to your seat. Take a big deep breath in through the nose and as you breathe out through your mouth feel the shoulders relax away from the ears. Feeling the sensation of the shoulders melting down the back. Repeat this 5 times and then open your eyes. Notice your shift in energy. Take a moment to readjust to your surroundings and carry on with your task with fresh eyes and more clarity.

#2 Mindfulness

Get up from your desk and head outside. Take a small walk and begin to become aware of your surroundings. See the beauty in any nature you can see. The colours in the leaves. Notice the smell of the air. Feel the temperature on your skin. Be as present as you can with anything that you are directly experiencing. If your mind begins to wander with a memory of the past or a projection for the future just gently bring it back to whatever you are experiencing directly. Whatever you can see, feel, smell or hear. Head back to your desk with more focus and attention to detail.

#3 Move

Whilst sitting at your desk take some stretches. Reach your hands over head. As you are reaching for the sky move the ribs from side to side. Take a little twist and use your hands on the chair or desk to assist you. Reach for your toes and hang out here for a few deep breaths to stretch through your lower back. Reach your hands behind your back and clasp your fingers of elbows. Push your chest forward and look towards the sky. Take any movements in your body that feels good and energising. Focus back on your project with more energy and motivation.

If you would like to bring some more zen in to your workplace in Melbourne head to for corporate meditation, mindfulness and yoga programs.

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