almond milk

3 Minute Read + making time

So I find myself standing in the cereal isle of Coles. I am now about 7 weeks in to quitting processed sugar. Being in a supermarket like Coles when you are not eating processed sugar is full blown torture. 90% of things, if not more, I can not eat. All of the pretty packaging and sugary sweetness being dangled in front of me. Like a baby having her candy taken off her.

Every single box of cereal has sugar added. I am not even talking about the obvious Coco Pops (mmmmmm chocolate), even the ones that are marketed to be a healthy option have processed sugar. The disappointment is real. I throw a tantrum. All I have felt like for weeks is Sultana Bran. You would think that the sultanas would be enough sweetness for one bowl. Apparently not. They add more. So I thought. OK. I am creative. I can turn this frown upside down. I can just buy plain bran and add the sultanas myself! Nope. Plain bran has processed sugar too. I give up. Pass me the Coco Pops.

Defeated and looking like my puppy has just died. I sulk empty handed out of the supermarket.

Meet Tim. He has been on this Sugar Quitting exercise most steps along the way. Oh don't be fooled. He is eating his weight in sugar each day. He is just witnessing my journey and being moral support. The cheerleader from the sidelines. He is the guy stopping me in my moments of defeat and making me put the Coco Pops back on the shelf. What a guy. He could feel that my first world problem meltdown was genuinely heartbreaking. So he took matters in to his own hands. He found me a box of cereal. With zero added sugar. The day has quickly turned around!

It is amazing how much the food we eat impacts our emotional state. The first 3 weeks were well and truly the hardest of this journey. I am not going to lie. I was a mess. Moody, crying, angry, unsatisfied, edgy and just plain sad. But I had faith that there would be light somewhere in this tunnel.

To really enjoy the DIY sugar free (added sugar) cereal experience I decided to give home made almond milk a crack. Store bought ones are full of added sugars (suprise suprise). I am not going to lie. It blew my mind. Tasted so much more fun than boring cows milk with regular Sultana Bran. I added some secret ingredients to tantalise the tastebuds too.

Want to try it? Go on give it a crack!

Secret Ingredient Almond Milk


1 Cup of Raw Almonds

6 Cups of Filtered Water (3 for soaking 3 for blitzing)

1 Teaspoon of Cinnamon Powder

1 Teaspoon of Natural Vanilla Essence


1 - Soak almonds in 3 cups of filtered water for about 12 hours (overnight will do). Leave in room temperature with a cloth covering to allow it to breathe

2 - Pour almonds in to a sieve and rinse very well with water

3 - Pop the soaked and rinsed almond in a blender and add 3 cups of filtered water the cinnamon and the vanilla

4 - Blitz. Blitz. Blitz until it can be blitzed no more

5 - Rinse your soaking bowl and place the sieve over the top. Pour the mixture through the sieve and in to the bowl. Use the back of a spoon to push as much of the liquid through as you can

6 - Pour your yummy almond milk in to an airtight bottle or jar and store in the fridge (will last about 2 days)

7 - Use the leftover pulp as almond meal to make banana bread or even use it to make a yummy smoothie