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Have you ever had really messed up dreams? Ones that wake you up in a ball of sweat. Wondering how on earth your mind could get to such dark corners of your mind?

I have always been fascinated by dreams and what they mean. I would pull out my dream dictionary first thing in the morning and try to decipher what had happened in dream land for years!

I have learnt to become a bit more intuitive with what I feel is the message rather than what someone else defines these days. I have learnt that sometimes there is no meaning. But rather a release happening that I was unable to face in waking life. Something will manifest in my dream that is sure to make me cry if I have been holding in the tears. Or someone will do something awful to me. To show me my feelings of contempt when I am holding on to a grudge that just needs to be let go.

The mind is a clever organism that works through the experiences and emotions of our daily lives in mysterious ways. When we tap in to our intuition. When we become more observant. When we begin to perceive meaning in our experiences. We learn more about ourselves and the way we interact with the world. Life takes on a whole new purpose and meaning.


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