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Meet Yoga Dave. A new friend of mine up here in the Sunshine Coast. He has stood up to the edge of life and decided to jump. To jump in to the scary yet exciting world of taking a year off from the daily grind. Or as my mate Lewie says "A Year ON". Follow the link to his TED talk HERE.

Yoga Dave posted yesterday on facebook about going with the flow. Trusting in the universe that where you are in this very moment, is exactly where you need to be. I am a firm believer in this concept. Whenever I surrender to the universe and let go of the push and shove. Everything I want and more lands in my lap.

Dave like myself has decided to give his life over to the universe. To trust that what he needs will be placed in his path. Conversations he needs to have. People he needs to meet. Problems that he must conquer. Experiences he needs to experience.

Now don't get me wrong. This does not mean quitting your job. Sitting on your ass. And waiting for your dream life to land in your lap. Although this might be your path who am I to tell you what to do! But what it generally means is aligning yourself with what you want. Taking steps in that direction. But finding surrender in that. Knowing that exactly what you need will come to you. It might be what you think you want. Or it might be something bigger and grander than you could have ever dreamed up for yourself.

The first step to following this path of surrender is feeling the fear and then doing it anyway. Feeling the fear of trying something new. Feeling the fear of stepping outside your comfort zone. Because as I have learnt time and time again. Nothing extraordinary happens inside your comfort zone.


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