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3 Minute Read + a lifetime of being present (or not)

My mission on this Earth. Is to not just be a sheep. Not just living in the heard and not even connecting. Not really experiencing. I want to be moving in the direction that my heart leads me. I want to be dancing to the beat of my own drum. But in order to do this. I need to be aware. I need to be present.

It is a constant challenge of mine to be as present as I can be in every moment. The fact of the matter is. I forget. I forget to be in the moment. I forget to be present. I become unconscious. I get caught in the rabbit hole of Facebook and Instagram. I watch ONE episode of a TV show on Netflix and 5 hours later I have watched the whole season. I get distracted by new shiny things and momentarily forget what really matters.

I have been experimenting with all kinds of different tools to be more present during my day. But what I have found the most effective is using my phone as an anchor point. I am the type of person that gets a small panic attack when my phone is not glued to me. Bad I know. It is an addiction. I have been working through my addiction with sugar. My phone is next.

So I have been bringing a little more presence to my phone usage. I started by doing it in the car. I get bored driving so always go for the phone at the lights or in traffic. Again. Bad. I know. But don't judge me too much, I have seen the errors of my ways and have used this in a positive way. As an anchor to be more present. Each time I go to grab my phone while in the car. Rather that actually grab it. I become present. Leave it in my bag. And seize the opportunity to be present. I instantly start to notice my surroundings. Hearing the sounds of the music blasting out of the stereo. Looking at the blue sky and the green trees along the sides of the road. Taking some deep breaths and feeling in to it. Driving in the car has now become a mindfulness opportunity.

Because it is so easy to just mindlessly go for my phone in an attempt for a quick fix. of entertainment in any white space. It is a perfect anchor and tool to remind me. Remind me to actually be in the moment I am in.

Give it a try!

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