On my Island home, I laid down for an afternoon nap. No doubt I was hung over from tequila the night before. This was a regular occurrence during my period of falling off the wagon. I had the most glorious 6 hour sleep. I woke up at 11pm at night. What to do? Try and go back to sleep? Or drag my butt out of bed. Throw my tie dye T-shirt on. Jump on my scooter and drive to Rum Bar. A small bar in the jungle. Where my friends would be dancing to the drum of the local reggae band? It was a no brainer. Off I went.

Dave and I were chatting this morning and the concept of balance popped up. My biggest lesson on my travels was that there is such thing as too much fun. It is like eating chocolate all day long. Every day. Then starting to eat it at night. Sneaking a piece before bed. Waking up in the middle of the night for some too. Pretty quickly you start to get sick of eating chocolate. It looses it charm.

As a result I have not drunk any alcohol since leaving The Philippines. I have gone cold turkey off my overconsumption of "chocolate". After some reflection. Is straighty 180 the answer? For me. Probably not. I need to be somewhere in the middle. To keep the balance. I need the occasional chocolate bar. The occasional midnight snack.

My experiment of living a booze free life has been a good one. I plan to carry it on. For the most part. I feel more focused on things that actually matter to me. Things that actually put a fire in my belly. Spending time with people that have something interesting to say. Rather than having to be boozed to enjoy their company. I am content with MOST of my Saturday nights spent working towards to my goals. But I am looking forward to the occasional night dancing with my girls. Divulging in some chocolate.

So this Saturday night. That is exactly what I am going to do.


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