I open my facebook feed. It is full of fear. Full of hate. Full of negativity. I have chosen love. I have chosen light. I have chosen to be grateful.

Not everyone on social media has chosen fear. One of my yoga teachers @izzyaisyoga posted something that I would like to share:

"Today I want to focus on HOPE. Maybe yesterday's change in leadership isn't as hopeless as we fear. Maybe it will remind us to believe in ourselves rather than giving our POWER away to others to decide for us. If you want equality, embody that. If you believe in the environment, make choices that invest in the future. Create CHANGE through your actions rather than waiting for leaders to decide to care about your priorities." #bethechangeyouwanttoseeinthisworld

Focus on the things that you are grateful for.

Today I am grateful for people like Izzy. For others on my social media that have also chosen to spread the light. To be the light.

Choose love.


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