I am folded forward in a wide leg forward fold. For those of you that don't practice yoga that looks like the splits sideways and then laying my tummy on the floor in front of me. Well trying my best anyhow. I am taking part in a Yin, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Reiki and all round relaxation workshop. There is 40 of us humming, breathing, oming and delving in to the depths of our souls.

The old Sarah would have just felt warm and fuzzy and super relaxed in an environment like this. The new Sarah is feeling everything. Every breath. Every touch by the reiki healer. Every emotion. Every thought. Every sensation. As we look inwards. As we truly tap in to our inner world. There really is a lot going on that we may have not noticed from the outside looking in. We need to get in to experience it.

As humans we are experts. Experts at keeping ourselves busy to avoid feeling a lot of what is actually happening inside us. We busy ourselves as a form of distraction. We are very good at it. But when we actually begin to observe what is going on. Feel what is going on. Then we can truly heal. Heal from the grief. Heal from the trauma. Heal from the things that we insist on carrying around with us. All. Day. Long. All. Night. Long.

As my Yoga teacher Kimberley said in her class yesterday "We need to feel to heal". In order to feel. We need to become vulnerable.

The path of self discovery. The path of learning who we really are. Is a hard road. We have to be present. We have to sit with uncomfortable feelings. We have to take note of when we are distracting ourselves. But the rewards are beyond words. To be connected to yourself. To be connected with life.

Isn't that what we all crave? Connection?


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