I am driving along in my Grans car. Music blaring. Enjoying singing along to lame pop songs. Then I realise. The radio talk back is filled with absolute brain rot. Celebrity gossip. Over opinionated hosts putting each other down. So much negativity and winging about trivial things. Dramatising everything. As I have this realisation. I turn the radio off.

How much do we expose ourselves too unconsciously that dictates what we think about? Dictates how we feel about topics? Dictates what direction our lives go in?

This is an effing scary thought.

When I decided to leave Australia for an undetermined length of time. I was hoping to change my life. I wanted to experience a simpler way of living. I wanted to see what would happen to my daily thoughts if I removed myself from an influx of media. I wanted to see what direction I would go in if I didn't have the constraints of my society.

While I was abroad I lived a simpler life and saw how little we actually NEED. I removed myself from all media except what was on my facebook feed (mind you it is mostly Yoga articles and inspirational quotes). I spent a lot of my down time listening to podcasts about things I am passionate about.

So what happened as a result of all of this? What happened when I stopped filling my life with things. Stopped filling my mind with so much brain rot? Stopped allowing media to dictate everything that was in my mind.

I found a fire in my belly. I spent my time doing things that I was actually wanting to do. I was reading things that I was actually interested in. But most importantly. I was having conversations with people about things that actually matter. Things that I actually care about. While I did fall in to a few old habits (such as drinking too much and having mindless conversations). I am now very quick to see when it is happening and change it quick smart.

Now that I am home. It did cross my mind. That it will be very easy to fall back in to the trap of modern society. That I could easily get sucked back in to my old ways of thinking. Be numbed by the mindlessness. Be controlled to a larger extend by the media. I am proud that I was able to catch myself in the act in the car today. Pat on the back for Sarah.

So with all of this in mind. Not only am I going to continue removing myself from the brain rot that occupies most peoples time. I am going to become a heck load more conscious of what I unconsciously expose myself to. What conversations I am involved in or even listen in to.

Wish me luck!


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