As I sit in a cross legged position. On my mat at the front of the Yoga studio. I bask in the energy that is radiating from my students as they lay belly down on their mats. I have just guided 15 or so Yogis through a delicious Yin practice. They are now like putty in my hands.

I am a firm believer that everything in the Universe is energy. In one form or another. All connected. All one and the same. The more I pay attention to this energy that is in and around all of us. The more I can sense it. The more I can tap in to it. The more I can give it to others. The more I can receive it.

Without sounding like a hairy armpited hippie (not that I find anything wrong with being a hairy armpited hippie). I really am basking in the energy. It is palpable in the air. I can feel it pulsating through every cell in my body. Filling me up. My breath begins to deepen. My heart begins to open. I feel so full of love and gratitude that I could levitate off my mat.

Someone once said:

"If you want to learn something, read about it.

If you want to understand something, do it.

If you want to maser something, teach it."

The more I combine all three of these principles in my daily life. The more I learn. The more I understand. The more I feel. The more I experience.


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