I love changing my mind. My home girl Eve always says. Everything is fluid.

I have been home for exactly a week. After my 6 month love affair with my backpack. I loved being a gypsy. But I am not going to lie. I love being home. I am so effing happy to be on home soil. In a clean house. Even if I am still having said love affair with my backpack. And even if the house is a friends. And even if I am camping on a mattress on the floor. Despite all of this. It is so effing great to be home.

"Why have you come home?" they have asked. "Why did you cut your trip short?" they have asked. The only answer I have. Is because I wanted to.

We all have our own path. We all have our own choices. I just tend to make all of my big life decisions in a spontaneous snap! I have the freedom to. So why the heck not?

So what now? I have a note book full of thoughts, ideas and plans. The last week has been coming back down to earth. Getting grounded with family time. Enjoying the amazing home cooking. Filling up the heart with home. Now it is GO time. Sifting through the very well loved note book. Execution.

Watch this space. BIG things are about to happen.

As Dave so eloquently said to me "The King is back boys and she has the treasure of a soul searching journey".

I never really consciously planned for this to be a soul searching journey. I though I was just moving to an Island. To surf. To SUP. To teach a few Yoga classes with beach views. My journey was so much more than that. The Universe had other ideas for me. I am glad I was smart enough to listen to it's whispers.


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