As I sit in meditation. On the rooftop of an ashram. Views of the Himalayas and the Ganges River. Monkeys trying to steal my flip flops. I am consumed with home. The decision has been made. I am going back to Australia. Tomorrow.

I am one of those people. When I make a decision. I need it to happen. Sooner rather than later. I am a doer. A goer. A maker. Not much of a sit backer.

I have a note book that is scribbled on every single page. Filled with ideas. My creativity has gone through the roof. I am so excited about the direction I want to go. My body almost feels like it could explode. I need to harness this energy while I have it. Use it to drive all of my ideas. To make them happen. To move closer to living my everyday with purpose. With my purpose. My inner purpose.

Davin and I have been on a few adventures in search for wild elephants or leopards. Mainly wild elephants. We are both a little crazy. But not that crazy to actively look for leopards. On multiple occasions anyway.

So on my last night. We are zooming along on the motorbike. Wind in our hair. Out of the corner of my left ear. I hear it. The unmistakable toot of the elephant trumpet! I scream at Davin to stop the bike and turn around. Turn off the engine. Listen. TOOT TOOT TOOT there are a bunch of elephants calling out. To us I am sure.

My voice went from Yogi Sarah nice and zen. Nice and calm. To 100 octaves higher. Excitement was an understatement. I probably sounded more like an elephant that a grown woman. We jumped off the bike and walked a little closer.

The Indian people are very inquisitive. After a few minutes we had a whole bunch of us off our motorbikes. Gawking through the long grass to catch a glimpse. There were about 5 adults and one baby. Drinking from the stream. Shaking the trees with their trunks. It was so beautiful watching them in their natural state.

Davin and I both agreed. The reason we saw these beautiful wild elephants was because I am a super lucky person and we had just given an offering to the Hindu God Ganesha at a temple we just visited.

The power of the Indian Gods in action!


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