I have always been an explorer. An adventure seeker. Living with curiosity. My curiosity led me to an abandoned Meditation and Yoga Ashram yesterday. The most amazing and vibrant artwork strewn across the overgrown architecture. It was truly like something out of a story book. Another magical experience to add to my backpack of life. Minus the 2097 mosquito bites.

There is so much to explore here. The culture. The food. The interesting people. Every cafe you sit in people are talking about Yoga. About meditation. About travel. Sharing stories. It is so inspiring.

Downsides of India. Internet. So slow. So unreliable. I have been trying to write this blog for hours. On that note. I am going to take the nudge from the Universe. Head outside. The sun is shining. The bells of the temples are ringing.

Back to exploring!

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