As I bent in to a lunge with my shoulder under my knee. My body twisted so that my hands could bind around behind me. Using every muscle in my body to hold myself in this compromising position. I injured myself in Yoga.

6 hours of Yoga a day was perhaps a bit too much for me to chew. I bit off too much. I got to India and wanted it all. I wanted to fill up my Yoga cup as much as I could in the time I was here. So much so that I didn't listen to the wise intuition of my body. The subtle signs that I needed to slow down and perhaps chew a little slower. I got sick and I continued to practice. I was tired and I continued to practice. My knee started to hurt a little but I continued to practice. My back was super jammed up in twists. But I continued to twist deeper.

You can only know what you know. You can only share what you know. You can only teach what you know. You can only practice what you know. But do we actually practice what we preach? Do we actually do what we know we should? Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. We are human after all.

This has been a big learning opportunity for me. I am now in India. In Rishikesh. The Yoga hub of the world. I can't practice the physical form of Yoga. Luckily the asana (the physical practice of yoga) is only 1 of 8 limbs. There are another 7 limbs that I can explore while I am here. Truth be told a path I should have been going down in the first place. More meditation. More observation. More listening. Going deeper.


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