Meet Davin. He is a Yoga teacher from Wales. He is here running a teacher training program. He has been taking me on adventures through the mountains on the back of his motorbike in his down time. He is trying to have a break from Yoga talk. Ends up hanging out with a Yoga teacher. Good one Davin.

I find myself on the back of Davins motorbike once again. Winding up the mountains. With trees as far as the eyes can see on the left and the ganges river down below on the right. He tells me that the last time he rode up this road. A leopard jumped across the trees above him. He may be a little crazy. I love being on the back of a motorbike with the wind in my hair. I think it is one of my favourite parts of travelling through Asia.

We end up in a place that looks like something out of a story book. Flowers. Birds. Monkeys in the trees. A cave. A Baba (Spiritual Guru). All with a waterfall as the back drop. Baba Surrender has the most impressive dreadlocks I have ever seen. Well past his bum. He has sacred ash smeared across his body. Wearing nothing but a small orange cloth around his waist. The kindest and happiest face. Davin had met with him by chance a few years ago. We are very lucky to be visiting this special place. He has been living in his cave dwelling for the past 12 years. He takes us in to his cave where he meditates. A small narrow hole to enter. Flowers and pictures of his Gurus and deities. Too much to describe in words really. He says to us that we are very lucky to be welcomed in to this space.

After absorbing some of the energy from the cave and a little chat he turns to me and gives me a big hug. One on the right. One on the left. Like the Europeans greet with a kiss. But with a very warm embrace. He reaches under the small temple in the cave and hands me money. An offering. A gift to me. How incredible. A man that lives in a cave that by western standards has nothing is giving me money. I will be adding this money to my collection of special things for my own temple space when I get back home.

We head out of the cave and as he is preparing us some chai I hang back outside the cave. A waterfall to my right. Moss gardens blanketing the outer side of the cave. Butterfly's. The most incredible spider webs with MASSIVE jungle spiders in them. So much life. So much beauty. Nature is like magic. It has the ability to mesmerise. To transform. To captivate. To take you to another world. To make you completely present. It was a beautiful moment in nature that I will not soon forget.

After feeding some monkeys bananas and watching a monkey steal a small girls biscuit. We head off back down the mountains to the Ganges River. The current is so strong. People are white water rafting along the opposite side. Clothes off. We jump in. The water is so fresh and cold. A welcome sensation after being in tropical Asia for the past few months. The water in The Philippines is warm like a bath. As I look up from the water. All I can see is mountains. As far as the eye can see. I had no idea that it was so beautiful in Rishikesh before coming here.

Nature and water have such a cleansing effect on the body and the mind. Without sounding like a hippie that hasn't shaved her armpits (people back home will be pleased to hear, I have been shaving my armpits). It also cleanses the soul.


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