"At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us." - Albert Schweitzer

I am all for being a self motivator. Self discipline. Tooting your own horn. Self love. All of that. But another source of motivation comes from those around us. I have so many amazing inspiring people that keep my flame alight. In ONE of my FOUR Yoga classes today. We gave thanks to those that inspire us. I have friends that are amazing parents. That inspires me. I have friends running their own businesses. That inspires me. I have friends travelling the world. That inspires me. I have friends trying to bring more peace in to the world. That inspires me. I have friends being as open and honest as they can be in life. That inspires me. I have family that loves me and supports me no matter what. That inspires me. I have strong women rallying around me in every moment. That inspires me. Whenever I have been sick on this trip, someone has extended their hand and helped me. That inspires me.

Feeling a lot of love towards people chasing their dreams. For being brave and living the life they want. For lighting the flame of those around them. Feeling a lot of love towards myself for the same.

I have been on a mission for a while now. To be as independent as I can. I don't need nobody. I don't need no man. I think I took it too far. I had a chat with a lady the other night. Sharing stories. She was a bit older than me. She said that it is great to be independent. To have your own dreams. To live life as you wish. But that when lived with others around you. When lived with a partner in crime. It is so much more special. It is so much more meaningful. I have to agree with her. Travelling alone has been the most rewarding experience. But I am ready to come back down to earth. I am ready to foster some deep and meaningful relationships with my nearest and dearest. I am coming home!


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