I almost escaped the clutches of India. I almost made it through a month without getting sick. Dave says whenever he thinks of India. He thinks of sitting on the toilet for 3 days straight. My approach to this situation. Is sweating it out in Yoga. Drinking juice. Loads of water. Rest in between. Let's hope it works.

When you get sick it forces you to stop. It forces you in a dark corner. It forces you to just be with yourself. Even if just for a minute. During my rest time in my room (with no wifi) I have been making lists of what I am grateful for. Lists of things that make me happy. It's all very simple stuff. It's nothing grand or excessive. We really don't need much in this world to be happy. We just need the right mind set. We just have to focus on the good.

I am seeing things in a bit of a different light since pulling back for a few days. Pulling back from the temptations of India. There is so much going on here. Every minute of every day. I am appreciating the small things. Noticing the beauty that surrounds me. In the faces of people in the street. In the energy of the Ganges River. In the cows that roam the streets. In the bells that ring in the temples.

I have a little write up on my website that I would like to share:

"When I practice Yoga I aim to bring my attention from the outside world, in to the sensations of my body. I practice bringing my awareness from my mind, to the intuition of my body. This is what I practice taking off the mat, in to my life and hope to spark in others as a teacher."

This is where it begins. Being present in life. Noticing what is going on around us. Seeing the beauty. Feeling the sensations. Then directing that focus inwards. Noticing what is going on inside ourself. Feeling the sensations in the body. Tapping in to the intuition that is inside all of us. Directing us on our path.


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