The Joy of young children is contagious. I made BFF's with a few Indian children last night. They hung on my every word. They wanted to know all about me. To tell me all about the festival that we were all there to be a part of. They giggled when I tried to repeat the Hindi gods names. The Australian accent is apparently hilarious.

This trip of a lifetime has been one amazing experience after another. I have met incredible people. Had interesting conversations about life. Made deep connections with people from all over the world. Laughed more than I have ever laughed in my life. But something is missing. I am on the hunt for my purpose. Looking to live my life completely in line with my inner desires for world peace. But I am not quite there yet.

Something I have learnt while travelling is that I think there is such thing as too much freedom. I have said this before. Too much fun. Too much selfishness. Not enough service. Not enough giving. This is what I am missing. With this in mind the universe came to my rescue once again. Right at the moment I needed it. A bunch of innocent, adorable and blissfully joyful children. In the same breath I get a message request from an Indian guy who has seen me post on a Yoga page on facebook. He has invited me to come and volunteer teach at a school for underprivileged children. Only a 6 hour drive up the Himilayas from where I currently am. Ok Universe. I hear you loud and clear.

Up the mountains I go!

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