I followed a cow around this morning. She seemed to know where she was going. On a mission to find the juiciest left overs. Thrown out on the street. The cows here are just like dogs. They roam the streets. Sleep on door steps. Come up to you for a scratch behind the ears. Amongst the absolute chaos of India. They are a calm presence. Un-phased by the beeping horns or the screaming motorbikes. Totally at peace.

It’s all good and well to be able to meditate in a quiet space. To be able to be calm and relaxed while in a Yoga class. But what about amongst the chaos? What about in our everyday life? What about off the mat? I think we can learn a lot from the cows that roam the Indian Streets.

I have enrolled in a Yoga course for this week. Yesterday was my first day. My program is as follows:

6:30am Pranayama

8:45am Ashtanga Yoga primary series

4:45pm Hatha Yoga

7:30pm Meditation

They teach very differently in India. It is more like a drill sergeant. There is NO faffing about. They are very direct. They push you in to poses. They don’t understand people in the west not being able to touch their toes with knees straight. I have my work cut out for me this week.

While this is not how I teach. I am being as open minded as I can. My body is supple and getting stronger everyday. So I can handle it. I am being open to the experience. It is good to be challenged from what you believe. From how you like to do something. To step outside of your ways. To learn something completely brand new.

Not only am I learning a whole new system of Yoga. I am learning to be open. This is one of my mantras. I am open. I am sure I have manifested this situation. To test just how open I am. To test how open I can be.

At the very least my body will be open. Drill sergeant Mohan will make sure of it!

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