The blogging experience for me so far has been a good one. More people are reading than I ever would have thought. I never really thought anyone would read it. The usual suspects perhaps. Mum. Grandma. Best friend. A nosey ex boyfriend or two. I get messages from people nearly every day telling me that they are loving the blogs. That it is inspiring them to do this or that. That is the point of this blog. To inspire people. Not necessarily to write a blog. But to be more open. To share more love. To think a little outside the box. To live a little more fearlessly. To follow dreams.

Aside from hoping to inspire a few people. The whole blog writing thing is a bit like a journal. But one I am a little more accountable for. It encourages me to reflect. It encourages me to be present. It encourages me to keep going.

I have multiple WTF am I doing moments in a week. Maybe even in a day if I am completely honest. I was having one this morning and as I was about to fall down the rabbit hole of wanting to go home. The following pops up on my facebook.

"You are a soul whose true nature is light, on a journey to ever-higher levels of consciousness and states of divine expression. Your vitality on that journey is directly proportionate to the vividness of your vision. If you don't have something challenging and fulfilling to awaken for in the morning, you won't rise and shine. Even with a clear purpose, you'll occasionally be distracted and uninspired. The only reason you are not inspired at those times is because you haven't linked what you are doing, to your purpose." - Dr John Demartini

It is clear why I have moments of feeling lost on this AMAZING trip. I need to keep my focus on my purpose. My purpose right now is to learn as much as I can from this incredible land. To be able to offer more to the world.


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