I totally get the whole Birkenstock thing now. My flimsy fake Havaianas (on account of just ONE of mine being stolen from the front of my house in the Philippines and my other pair of comfy sandles being stolen at an Island wedding) are not cutting the mustard. Wearing sneakers is good for walking. Not so good for having to take them off each time you enter anywhere. So basically I would love some Birkenstocks right now.

I have been walking all over Rishikesh on the hunt for a yoga program. Something that will allow me to practice. To learn. To chant. To meditate. For my own practice. Also to be able to offer more to my beautiful yogi students. It is peak season so all of the ashrams are booked out for programs. There is nothing really jumping out at me. So I have decided to go DIY. For those that know me. I am the queen of DIY. I have found a few classes and workshops at various schools that tickle my fancy. So I am creating my own program. Dipping my yogi toes in a few different pools. Not putting all of my eggs in one basket. By the end of this month I will no doubt be filled to the brim with Yoga inspiration.

I met an English Yoga teacher the other night that gave me some tips and gave me the number of a guy that gives life changing massages. Sounded right up my alley! A whatsapp message later and I find myself wandering the back alleys trying to find this guy and his life changing massage. One wild goose chase later and I am being led in to the healing centre of Mr Raja. He is very direct and tells me to lay down on my back. He tells me that when I feel pain to do deep long breaths. Dear God wish me luck. As he began to press on my feet he started telling me what part of the body it related to based on my pain and tension. He was spot on. It was extremely painful. But through 90 minutes of deep heavy breathing and some serious giggling from ticklish legs. I left feeling centred and balanced. I felt very present. I learnt a lot about my body and the in-balances in various areas. I have a sneaking suspicion that my bank account is going to dwindle very quickly. Raja will be seeing me a lot over the next month!

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