Smart Sarah thought that it would be a fabulous idea to book a dorm room in a hostel. So that she could meet some people as soon as she arrived. Get some tips on what Yoga schools are good. Find some buddies to meditate with. So the big joke of this whole trip so far. Is that I am staying at a party hostel. Yoga classes have been cancelled everyday that are supposed to be happening on the roof and the owner keeps trying to rope me in to partying on the beach for sunset. The universe is testing me. I come from a party Island in the Philippines for rehab. All I can do is laugh.

I think I said to myself "I am in India" about 100 times today. I really feel I am somewhere magical. A land far far away. I was a little scared making the trek to India. I was expecting the worst. I was expecting to be scammed. Robbed. Hassled. Overwhelmed. I have felt none of these things...so far. I have been shown kindness and respect at every turn. I have been given food for free. Received discounts on things without having to barter. Like literally had them hand me money back when I paid. Had multiple local people look out for me and give great tips. The local spiritual meditators press their hands together in prayer position and say namaste as I walk past and I have had an eye to eye deep conversation with a spiritual guide...spontaneously.

So today I find myself winding through the narrow alley ways up the mountain side. Lined with bazaars with all kinds of treasures. Gems as far as the eye can see. Colourful silks woven in to the most stunning scarves and dresses. Beautiful hand made musical instruments. I stop to catch my breath and look to the wall beside me. It is a gorgeous painted mural with words scribed. It says "The place you are looking for is the place from which you are looking". This is something that I know. I am yet to fully practice it or to fully realise it.

Despite staying at the only party hostel in Rishikesh. I think it is the first time EVER that I do not have a desire to go out and make friends. I don't feel like I need it. I had lunch with Nicole, my friend from Australia today. She feels the same. There is so much energy and love in this place that you don't need it. It is the perfect place to feel supported enough to just simply take it all in and venture your journey inwards. I am ready.

Ready to take the deep journey inside myself. Ready to ride solo. Truly solo. Just me myself and I. I am ready to sit with myself.

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