I am undecided on who has a bigger death wish. Me coming on this adventure to India on my own with zero to no plans. Or my crazy driver taking me 8 hours up North to the base of the Himalayas. We are dodging cows. Oncoming traffic, like literally cars/trucks/motorbikes coming straight at us. The occasional chicken and pot holes. Lots and lots of pot holes. I feel like I am part of a video game. One of those action ones where you collect coins each time you hit something with your car. Yep the driver hit a lady. In the arm. With the side mirror.

So nobody drives in the lanes here. I feel like this could be a good life lesson for us in the west. When we always drive in the lanes, we limit ourselves. We get stuck in a system. We get stuck in a set of rules. It's refreshing to see so many people driving outside of the lanes when you travel. People stepping outside the comfort zone. Refusing to be pigeon holed in to a box. This is where the magic happens. This is where we get to design our lives the way we truly want to live them. Live lives beyond our wildest dreams.

I got given a free fruit bowl today. We made a pit stop on our road trip and I was scared to eat anything at the cafe that my driver chose. I asked the guy at the cafe for some fruit. It wasn't on the menu but he chopped some up for me and gave it to me complimentary. I didn't even order anything else. What a legend.

Feeling in high spirits despite my apparent death wish.

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