Oh my wow. One of the Yoga teachers from the Island left today. So it has been 3 full days and nights of socialising. Day sessions. Night sessions. Everything in-between. Today consisted of a massage, 3 movies, a nap and a whole lot of alone time. Much needed.

I just taught my first class for past few days and instantly feel more grounded. I have been practicing over the past few days but haven't been teaching. It fills me up when I do. I love to give fully in my classes. Lots of juicy opening. Lots of juicy massage for final Savasana. Holding space for people to be the truest expression of themselves. Completely present.

I met some cute local boys at the beach yesterday. I was playing around with handstands against a tree and they were so keen to join in. With a little coaxing they pushed through their shyness, out of their comfort zones and went upside down.

I love it when people step outside their comfort zones. An amazing Yoga teacher once said to me "Nothing extraordinary happens inside your comfort zone". This applies to stepping outside your comfort zone and also to sitting with the discomfort. I have very much been practicing this and encouraging my students to do the same. This is where the magic happens. The surrender. The healing.

The more I sit with myself. The more I sit with my own discomforts both physically and emotionally. The more I know myself. The closer I get to living in line with my purpose. The more I listen to the internal intelligence that we all have inside us.

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