Is there such a thing as having too much fun? I think when the particular type of fun becomes unconscious then, yes. If the fun is in line with your inner purpose then it becomes unlimited.

I am experiencing a bit of this on my paradise Island. When I am practicing Yoga. When I am having deep and meaningful conversations. When I am out on the water. This type of fun I could do everyday of my life and feel fulfilled. The other things I spend my days and nights doing. Not so much. Sure it is fun. Sure I am having the time of my life. But it has an expiry date.

I have been thinking about more on what my life purpose is. What is under my nose that I do everyday without realising it? What comes natural to me? I get messages from people every single day from all over the world that have been reading my blog, have been coming to my Yoga classes or have known me over the years. They tell me I am inspiring them. Not necessarily to sell all of their belongings and move to a tropical Island. Not following in my footsteps. But I am inspiring people to follow their hearts. To listen to their dreams. To be open and honest with loved ones. To be open and honest with themselves. To live a little more mindfully. To spend a little more time reflecting. To spend more time looking within.

So with this in mind I have decided to jump on a plane and head to the land of the Spirit. India. I aim to immerse myself in Yoga. Learn more about myself and learn more about Yoga. I will continue to blog and share my experiences along the way. I hope to become a better teacher as a result. To inspire more people. To inspire myself.

Getting closer and closer to living completely with my life purpose.

I will head to India in December. That gives me a few more months of tropical paradise. A few more months of fun overload. Adios I am off to the beach!

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