Old mate Dave has come through with the goods once again. His recent blogs ( are discussing living with your life purpose. Your why. Your North Star.

My mission was to be living on an Island in Asia. Teaching Yoga. Being on the water everyday. Eating good food. Being happy. I have well and truly hit that target. Yet I feel that something is missing. I am doing everything that I love. Yet I am not fully living in line with my inner calling.

But what is my inner calling? I am in the discovery phase right now. I am close. I am very close. I am on the cusp of finding it. Dave says that your life purpose is something that others see in you as clear as day. It is sitting right under our noses. We are sniffing it all day long. Yet we don't smell it.

With all of the mindfulness. With all of the living in the moment. With all of the inner reflection. I am bound to stumble on it sooner or later.

Meanwhile this morning. I cried like a baby in Yoga. Yep you guessed it. Another heart opening class. If you have never experienced any type of emotional breakthrough or release in Yoga. I suggest doing more Yoga.

I realised over the past few days I have been doing so much resisting. I fully accepted in class today. Fully let go of control.

Release. Let go. Accept.

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