Fiesta is on in Siargao. The biggest night on the Island all year. I tucked myself in to bed and was asleep by 10pm zzzz. A Filipino guy decided to make the side of the road his bed last night. He was still there at 11am this morning. Sprawled across the road. Luckily in the shade. It is hot today.

I played with the cheekiest little 6 year old boy in the pool today. He loved swimming under the water thinking I couldn't see him. Little fingers reached out finding anywhere to tickle me. I love the openness of small children. They will befriend anyone that looks like they will play with them. He was completely present. Not worried about when he will be inevitably be dragged out of the pool by his parents. Not stressed out by a tantram he no doubt threw in the not too distant past. Just completely present. Splashing around. Enjoying every sensation.

The more present I become. The more sensitive I become. I feel so much more. I pay more attention to my reaction to things. I was so aware of everything I felt in Yoga this morning. As I moved I felt the sensations. As my beautiful teacher (who is also called Sarah) told me to open my heart, I really felt it.

Not every feeling is a pleasant one. Some make you feel downright sick. I am working on being accepting of it anyway. Trying not to resist certain feelings. Trying not to avoid certain feelings. Being present with them and welcoming them. Meeting the resistance with the breath.

We are put on this earth to feel. So feel I will!

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