Surf competition. Yoga and meditation. Pool hangs. Impromptu hip hop dance class. More Yoga and meditation. All of my very favourite things rolled in to one day.

Progress report on my experiment of facing whatever comes up for me emotionally. Being present is coming more and more easily. I am finding myself very often through the day being conscious. Being present. It is making me much more in tune with what is going on for me. Yoga helps with this. It shines a mirror in your face and shows you exactly where you are mentally and emotionally. Because you harness that presentness. That mindfulness. I am essentially practicing yoga all day, well most of it. Weaving it through my daily life, more than I have before.

I have had this underlying feeling of anxiousness over the past few days. So I meditated twice today. Did Yoga twice today. Focused on opening my heart and letting this feeling go. I wasn't sure where it was coming from. Until just now. My method of turning inward worked. Not during the meditation. But shortly after. How powerful. Long story short. I have some more letting go to do.

It really is true that you can't run away from your problems. They are with you no matter what situation you change. No matter where you go. No matter what you obtain. No matter what you replace them with. If you don't face it head on. It will manifest in some way.

That's all I have today. This blog no joke has taken me about an hour and a half to write. Plenty of staring at the screen. But plenty of realisations.

Back to feeling grateful for my beautiful day. Back to being present.

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