I have been feeling the effects of simple living over the past few days. Getting frustrated with always having dirty feet. Not enjoying having sand in my bed. Always. Missing stepping my feet on a fluffy bath mat after a shower. Missing hot showers (my house only has cold). Very much missing the food from Australia (mainly broccoli). Missing sleeping on a mattress (mine is a foam one). Missing a whole bunch of things that I never gave a second thought to when I had them.

Meet Ray. He is the reason I am in the Philippines in the first place. I met Ray in Bali in March and he did not stop telling me how amazing it was here. About as patriotic as you can get. Or he was just homesick, one of the two. He has finally flown in from Manila to come and hang out. Conveniently he is staying in the most amazing resort on the Island. Isla Cabana. Right opposite my sweaty sand box of a house. Today I had a hot shower for the first time in about 2 months. Stepped out of the shower on to a fluffy bath mat, rather than a wet sandy floor. I rugged up in a super cozy bath robe. Jumped in to a proper bed with a doona and amazing pillows. Ate a twix chocolate bar (chocolate is like gold on the Island) and passed out. Thanks Ray. Thanks for telling me to come here. Thanks for giving me a taste of luxury exactly when I needed it. I will be using your shower and possibly your bath robe until you leave.

I have been really enjoying the process of selling all of my belongings and living simply. It has taught me a lot about how little we need in order to be happy. But I am not going to lie. I nearly cried with happiness over the pleasures I once took for granted today. Those few hours of luxury have either got me through another couple of months or have ruined me. Undecided at this point.

Back to the sandy sweatbox tonight!

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