Early morning swims in the ocean. Smoothie bowls. Cuddles with friends. International surf comp round 1. Recovered from the plague. Taught 2 juicy Yoga classes. Today was a good day.

I have been feeling like I need some sort of mentor. A bit of a life mentor. Someone I can learn some cool stuff from. I was also feeling like that might not happen here on this Island as everyone is too busy drinking Rum and hitting the surf. Me included. Meet James. He turned up to my Yoga class today. He is from Byron Bay in Australia and is here for the next few weeks filming an inspirational video. Right up my alley! Problem solved. He now has me following him around like a bad smell for the next few weeks.

It is amazing when you throw something out in the universe how quickly it can come to you. The power of manifestation. I did a mood board back in Australia full of coconut trees, surf, waterfalls, snorkelling, yoga and just general island vibes. I am not living every. Single. Thing. On my mood board. Give it a try.

What we think becomes out reality. Be careful what thoughts you tell yourself on a regular basis.

Yep you guessed it. Off to the beach.

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