Wake up call has arrived. I have been well and truly sucked in to the island life. There is a party most nights. Most meaning I bail out every second day or every third and have a forced netflix and chill. I am 2 days behind on my everyday blog.

It's become a habit that when I drink too much I end up at the late night chicken bar eating chicken off the bone with my fingers. It's become a bit of a joke that I am a fake vegetarian.

I am sick. Coughing up a lung and a sinus headache. I mean it could be worse, but it is not ideal. Not ideal when my only source of income is standing on my head. I pushed through and went to a mind blowing Yoga class with @kaylala88 yesterday and it was the space I needed to look inwards. I have been rolling with most days/nights unconsciously. Drinking to escape emptiness in my heart and looking for something in all the wrong places.

I have just finished reading A New Earth by Ekhart Tolle. It talks about aligning your inner purpose with your outer purpose. Being in the present moment and not allowing the ego to rule your life. I have been catching myself reacting with my ego. So it is not all a complete loss.

Back to the daily meditation, daily blog and being more present and aware.

Wish me luck.

Ps I did get a tattoo!

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