It's amazing what a good night sleep does. Mind you, for that to happen I need to have earplugs in to drown out the karaoke that blasts in my window each morning at 6am. I need an eye mask on to block out the sun that beams in on me through my useless green translucent curtains. Regardless I wake up in a pool of sweat. Asia is hot.

I had a meeting with Stephanie from Switzerland. She owns a cafe/shop called Avocado Tree. I am now officially selling my hand made concrete pots on the Island in her shop. She has a workshop at the back that made a creative type like me almost squeal at. So many treasures. So many possibilities.

As I float on the surface of the water with my snorkel and goggles on face down. The most beautiful coral and shells lined the ocean floor for the taking. I collected as many as I could fit in my hands. Today I made an anklet out of a few and am planning to make some other shell creations tomorrow.

Being creative lights up the soul. So does a good night sleep.

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