I order a fruit platter with fresh mangoes straight off the Island trees. About to write my blog. The power goes out. They call it a brown out here. NO internet. NO power to charge my laptop. Contemplating what I will now do with my morning. Danni messages me telling me that we are riding the motorbikes up North to Pacifico to surf. OK sure why not.

I jump on the back of Mr Italies (Luca) motorbike and off we go. All in the space of 10 mins my day got turned on it's head. In the most fabulous way. I love being on the back of the bike. Wind in my hair. So many coconut trees. Never have I seen so many coconut trees.

As we ride past children they call out to say hi and beam the biggest smiles waving wildly at us to high five them. The happiest people on the planet. Even the dogs walk around with goofy smiles on their faces all day.

I feel strongly about not having too much of a plan. The concept of a 5 year plan doesn't exist in my world. The reason being that whatever I plan now is only based on the knowledge and resources I have available to me now. So if I was to be set in stone with where I see myself in 5 years, I would only be limiting myself. In practice this has been working out so great for me on the Island. Having no plan means that whatever opportunity comes my way, I can take if I want.

The ultimate freedom. For most of the day, just like the Island dogs, I also have a goofy grin. Pure happiness.

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