Letting go has been the running theme for my Yoga classes this past few weeks. Letting go of tension in the body. Letting go of the stories in the mind. Letting go of things that no longer serve you in life.

I am usually very good at letting things go. Moving on. Embracing change. I thrive on it. But there are some things, that no matter how hard I try. They just hang around like a bad smell. Gripping on to whatever they can cling to.

There has been once particular person that I have found impossible to let go. It effects me from being able to fully connect with anyone else. I have been aware of this for a while. It is only now that I feel ready. I am ready to fully feel the hurt and the heartbreak of them no longer owning my heart. It is time to let go.

Since opening up on this blog and opening up more in life, the more people around me have been opening up and sharing parts of themselves. This is my mission. To expose myself and to inspire others to expose themselves, embracing their vulnerabilities.

To breath in to the tension on the inhale and breath out the tension on the exhale. Feeling the body soften and relax. Feeling the mind be still and calm. Feeling the soul.

What can you let go of? I am sure you can think of plenty. I sure can.

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