The streets are flooded and filled with children playing in the rain. So much rain.

The Street I live in has a water pump that all of the families in neighbouring houses come and fill their buckets with. Instead of sitting inside playing video games the children play with tyres and a stick, rolling them down the street. Big toothy grins. Having the best time. They high five me as I ride up to my door on my scooter.

I am starting to deeply believe that the simpler we live our lives, the happier we are.

I have been wearing the same 3 outfits for 2 months, showering with cold water, opening cans with my one knife, chopping my veggies on the bench as I have no chopping board and hand washing my clothes. I find this a bit of a novelty and feel like I am on a fun camping trip. The reality of it is that I am living larger than 95% of the people here on the island. If not more.

With this thought I am going to find a project to get involved in on the island to be able to give back. Give back to the most beautiful happy people. Help in anyway small way I can.

Stay tuned.

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