Meet Noemi, she is a beauty from Belgium. She meets Damien from South Africa on the dancefloor of a European Dance Party a year ago. They travel together to Bali and have a brief conversation with Angie from Australia. She tells them to look out for her soul mate goddess with the lotus tattoo on her chest when they travel to the Philippines.

Meanwhile Sarah and Danni are meeting for the first time on a beach in Siargao, Philippines. They have been inseparable ever since. Danni has a lotus tattoo on her chest. I think you see where this is going.

On a boat trip out to a crystal clear turquoise lagoon, Sarah meets the travelling duo Noemi from Belgium and Damien from South Africa. They are staying at the resort that Sarah is teaching Yoga at. They love yoga.

At drinks that night Sarah introduces her soul mate goddess housemate Danni from Australia with the lotus tattoo to her new friends from the boat trip.

Angie from Australia is planning her trip to Siargao. The rest is history.

Sometimes things unfold in such a way that it is too incredible to be a coincidence. When life feels right. When you get goosebumps multiple times in a day. When you are so in flow with the universe that things just seem to fall in your lap. Manifestation. Like attracts like. Your own personal vibration attracts other similar vibrations.

The more I am true to myself. The more I open up my heart. The more love I give to those around me. The more love and beauty I receive from life.

It is raining here today. A day for reflecting. Connecting the dots. Having meaningful conversations about life...and eating chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

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