It's 4am and I can't work out if there are drunk people walking past my place singing or if my alarm is going off. Half asleep I peek out the window and see a whole yard full of singing Filippinos. Guitar and all. It's Danni's 20th Birthday. Her local boyfriends family are serenading her. 10 minutes of goosebumps (or chicken skin as they call it here) while they sing to us. The simple things in life.

It amazes me everyday watching people who have nothing, live the richest lives. Flash a smile in any direction and you will get 3 back. That's if they haven't already thrown one your way before you get a chance.

The first thing I learnt how to say in the local language Siargaonon was yummy boobs - Lami totoi. One would think that this would be useless. Seems it provides many laughs by the locals when you rip it out at an inappropriate moment. The people here are youthful and happy. Laughing all the time. Silly humour. Non discriminate. Life doesn't need to be so serious.

When I left Australia I got rid of almost everything I owned. I was hoping to learn the lesson of not needing excessive material possessions. Not only have I learnt that we need very little to be happy, but I have learnt that once you remove your energy from consuming, you spend more time doing things you actually enjoy. Saying silly things and erupting in deep belly laughs. Swimming in the ocean. Watching sunsets and gazing at the stars.

I saw two shooting stars in my Yin Yoga class the other night. Rather than jumping at the chance to make a wish, I actually had nothing to wish for. I was completely present in the moment and was radiating gratefulness. I needed nothing. I had/have everything I need. We all do, we just have to focus on what we have rather than what we don't have.

On that note, off to the beach.

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