Break-down or Break-through

Two nights ago I find myself curled up on the floor of my bedroom. In my undies. With a bowl of ice-cream and tears streaming down my face. My two room mates hugging me and telling me “feel it in your heart Mumma”. They are both 19, so with 10 years on them I have been dubbed “Mumma”.

I am living on a tropical island oasis, teaching yoga, snorkelling and learning how to surf on a daily basis. So why am I having the biggest meltdown of my life? It seems that no matter how far you travel, you can’t escape what is buried deep within your heart.

Fast forward to today. I am feeling cleansed, lighter and clear headed. It is amazing what a bucket full of tears will do!

So the break-down came with a bunch of break-throughs. Most that I will keep to myself but one I will share. Meditation is the key. When I am meditating it gives my mind the chance to process everything that is going on in my life subconsciously. When I don’t meditate, it all builds up and becomes like a kettle ready to boil and explode out of any crack it can.

Meditation. Every. Single. Day. We can all fit in 20 minutes to sit still and just be. We have about 45, 20minute blocks in our waking day. We only need to use one or two of these to cultivate a clearer mind.

Back to it!

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