180 days of BLOG

There are some people in this life that swing on in and change everything. Meet Dave. He looks just like any other 30 year old dude. Yet when I met him everything started to shift. He inspired the heck out of me. He still does. Guru Daphid I call him.

He has set himself a mission of writing a blog post every day for 180 days. Seems legit. Why the heck not? So I have decided to jump on the bandwagon and 'rant and rave' as he likes to call it everyday for the next 180 days.

As a yoga instructor I encourage people to be more in touch with their bodies their intuition and their emotions. To practice what I preach, this is my attempt at trying to inspire others to take the time to reflect, look inside and to live with a more open heart.

180 days here goes!

Follow old mate Dave at www.davidfragomeni.com

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