My Why?

Why do we do the things we do everyday? What motivates us to do the things we do or don't do? Why are we here, in this life, as the exact person we are?

These are all questions that I find I ask myself on a regular basis, and have been for my whole adult life really. I am on a journey of finding answers to these questions. I read articles on creating and breaking habits, I watch videos on changing the way you think to manifest your dreams and I find myself drawn to topics surrounding how insane the odds are that we are here as we are on the planet right now.

I don't know what my life purpose is just yet, but I do feel that the more I invest in looking inwards, the closer I get to knowing. Whenever I ask myself the question, what lights me up? I generally have the same answer and have done since I was about 20 years old.

Sun, Beach, Adventure, Meeting New People, Travel, Learning, Growing, Yoga, Smiling.

These are the things I have been telling myself for the past decade or so, yet why have I not been making it part of my daily life? A year and a half ago I took a job at Kaya Health Clubs in a role that ticked off a few of these boxes. I got to meet new people everyday, do Yoga everyday, have a happy and positive environment to come everyday and learn about an industry that I knew little about. With some time and space, I have now come up with a solution to tick off every box. Move to a tropical island where there is Sun, beach, adventure, new people and new places. It will allow me time and space to study and learn more about myself and the world. I can teach Yoga and practice Yoga everyday on the beach and spend my days smiling because I get to do the things that I love the most as my new daily grind.

What have I got to loose? Not much, only everything to gain. So this is where I begin, with what my heart tells me it wants. Where it will lead me, I don't know. But the more chances I give myself to follow my hearts true desire, the closer I will get to finding out the answers to my big question. Why am I here?

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