10 Reasons NOT To Do A Yoga Retreat In Tropical Asia

July 22, 2017

#1 You will probably get stranded on a deserted island somewhere and never see your friends and family again!

#2 Waking up at 6am to catch the sunrise for a treetop morning Yoga practice is never a good idea! You will be left with regret.

#3 You will get so sea sick with all of the water activities scheduled in! Why take the risk?

#4 You will have so much time in the sun and the water that you will be begging to get back to your day job!

#5 The healthy delicious plant based food will make your body just feel awful! 

#6 You will have super sore legs from riding all over an island exploring beaches and coconut trees! The fresh coconut water will hardly refresh you.

#7 You will overdose on vitamin D from lazing by the pool in the sun all afternoon!

#8 You will actually meet so many like minded people that you may choose never to go home to all of your friends and family! 

#9 The bright blue skies, crystal clear waters and vibrant green tropical landscape will hurt your eyes!

#10 Meditating with the peaceful sounds of the birds and nature will make you want to rip your ears off! Where is the sound of traffic and horns beeping that you are used to?


If you would like to put yourself through the torture of a Tropical Yoga Retreat on the stunning Siargao Island Philippines. Follow this link here. ALL INCLUSIVE with daily Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Resort Accomodation, All Healthy Meals, Day Trips, Surfing Lessons, Airport Transfer and Yoga/Meditation Workshops + More!

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