September 26, 2016

Oh my wow. One of the Yoga teachers from the Island left today. So it has been 3 full days and nights of socialising. Day sessions. Night sessions. Everything in-between. Today consisted of a massage, 3 movies, a nap and a whole lot of alone time. Much needed.

I just ta...

September 25, 2016

Is there such a thing as having too much fun? I think when the particular type of fun becomes unconscious then, yes. If the fun is in line with your inner purpose then it becomes unlimited.

I am experiencing a bit of this on my paradise Island. When I am practicing...

September 23, 2016

Old mate Dave has come through with the goods once again. His recent blogs ( are discussing living with your life purpose. Your why. Your North Star. 

My mission was to be living on an Island in Asia. Teaching Yoga. Being on the water everyday. Ea...

September 22, 2016

Fiesta is on in Siargao. The biggest night on the Island all year. I tucked myself in to bed and was asleep by 10pm zzzz. A Filipino guy decided to make the side of the road his bed last night. He was still there at 11am this morning. Sprawled across the road. Luckily...

September 21, 2016

Surf competition. Yoga and meditation. Pool hangs. Impromptu hip hop dance class. More Yoga and meditation. All of my very favourite things rolled in to one day.

Progress report on my experiment of facing whatever comes up for me emotionally. Being present is...

September 20, 2016

I have been feeling the effects of simple living over the past few days. Getting frustrated with always having dirty feet. Not enjoying having sand in my bed. Always. Missing stepping my feet on a fluffy bath mat after a shower. Missing hot showers (my house only has c...

September 19, 2016

 Turquoise lagoons. SUP. Snorkel. Eating food with our hands. Total bliss.

Having far too much fun today to Blog.

Peace out.

September 18, 2016

Early morning swims in the ocean. Smoothie bowls. Cuddles with friends. International surf comp round 1. Recovered from the plague. Taught 2 juicy Yoga classes. Today was a good day.

I have been feeling like I need some sort of mentor. A bit of a life mentor. Someo...

September 17, 2016

"As I sit on the beach with Danni, a fire, a drum and a moon the night before it is full, I feel peace. Rising over the horizon it is round, large and full. Peaking through the mountains of clouds. The sky and the underside of the clouds a purple hue from the sunset be...

September 16, 2016

I am laying in a pool of my own sweat and haven't left bed all day. It is 3pm. Nasty Asian virus 1, Sarah 0. It got me good. 

All of this down time, well I live on an Island so there is a lot of down time. Let me rephrase that. All of this alone time has got me thinkin...

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