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Ocean of awareness

A Yoga, Sound & Meditation Retreat

19 -25 October 2020

For those wanting to dive deeper in to the more subtle aspects of the human experience

This April, we deep-dive into the ocean of awareness, that in the traditions of Yoga & 
Tantra*, is revealed as our essence-nature. Described as the pulsating ground underlying all
experience, the opportunity to move into this inherently joyful state at any moment and
through any experience is always available to us.

Sarah Bunnell

Live an intentional life

Sarah brings a depth of knowledge and skill from experience and trainings in Dubai, India, Thailand, Philippines, Australia and Bali. She brings a groundedness to her classes, while guiding students awareness inwards. Always a strong focus on the breath, the sensations of the body and the unfoldings in the mind. Becoming the observer of ones direct experience.


Sarah brings a lot of passion to her classes and an immense care to her students. She focuses on a slow mindful practice that encourages self awareness, with a focus on listening to what the body needs in each and every moment.


Her goal as a teacher is to create an environment that fosters:

  • emotional and physical support 

  • an experience of the magic of yoga 

  • personal transformation 

  • gratitude and self awareness

  • empowerment through a strong, healthy open body

  • a lowering of the nervous system stress response

  • healing through the courageous journey inwards



Life as a path of devotion

Leeladasi’s introduction to Yoga coincided with her coming of age. More than a decade since that time of initiation, she’s single-pointedly pursued the work of remembrance, recognition, expansion and integration. It has led her to the feet of those who’s understanding of what is essential to the practice, is embodied. From them she has learned pranayama, mantra, tantric meditation and yogasana. The scintillating space she holds comes from practices that are alive in her.

Leeladasi is the name given to her by one of her beloved teachers, who had by doing so, set her on a path of mantra and devotion. Less than a week since receiving the name she found herself leading her first kirtan. Her approach to mediation is synonymous to relaxation and she teaches that embodiment is essentially devotional—a state of reverence, wander and allowance for the whole spectrum of Life.

In the past 6 years, she’s created and opened Lotus Shores Siargao, the Philippines’ first Yoga Center, wholly dedicated to the continuation of its study and practice, a container for the transmission of the Shakti. 

Join us for a 7 day transformation

Plunge into fullness of being through the relaxation and awareness cultivation techniques that make up our daily sadhana. We tune into the wisdom that lies in our embodiment through pranayama, visualization, mantra & meditation, slow vinyasa, yin yoga, and yoga nidra. Over the six nights, we will practice with increasing subtlety. Techniques will differ in the ways that they are more commonly taught today, becoming portals into spontaneous and ever-renewing ground of what is.


Between daily sadhana, we will gather in ceremony and ritual that emphasize being rather than doing. These create a space where the inner and outer worlds, the transcendent and immanent, and the sacred and everyday merge. Participants will be guided through the art of yogic manifestation and participate in daily kirtan and satsang at night. 


Together, sadhana and ritual allows us to integrate the full spectrum of human life, bringing about true presence. Embodiment is at once devotion (bhakti), when we are able to openly and lovingly meet reality in its divinity and its fullness, moment to moment.

Siargao Island - Philippines

Heaven on earth

Siargao Island is the island paradise that people picture when they think the words “island paradise.” Sparkling turquoise waters that are so saturated with colour it’s hard to believe they exist outside of Photoshop. Soft white sand that hides exotic seashells. An abundance of gently swaying palm trees that offer shade and fresh coconut juice. 

Plenty of natural features that lend themselves to outdoor activities such as surfing, stand up paddle boarding, rock jumping, cave exploring, and more. The beauty and opportunity of the island is breath taking. 

In addition to that, Siargao Island has a vibrant community of locals and foreigners that visitors are immediately welcomed into.


A commune for those seeking connection

The Lotus Shores Yoga and Surf Retreat is a commune for the yogi, surfer or conscious adventurer travelling to Siargao.


With mindfulness and great care, our guests accommodation services balance, comfort and community. Catering to the needs of each individual so that he or she may deeply experience the whole.


Within the retreat is a dedicated yoga shall and the islands only vegan restaurant. 


Relax by the pool and wash away any stress or tension from the outside world.


A seven day sadhana

Day 1

Afternoon welcome Ceremony, 

Yin Yoga , Dinner

Day 2

Morning Slow Flow Yoga Asana + Pranayama Meditation, Breakfast, Tantra Meditation, Lunch, Yin Yoga + Yoga Nidra, Dinner, Kirtan 

Lesson, Lunch, Evening Yin, Dinner

Day 3

Slow Flow Yoga Asana + Pranayama Meditation, Breakfast, Boat Day Trip, Yin Yoga + Yoga Nidra, Dinner, Kirtan 

Day 4

Morning Slow Flow Yoga Asana + Pranayama Meditation, Breakfast, Tantra Meditation, Lunch, Yin Yoga + Yoga Nidra, Dinner, Kirtan

Day 5

Morning Slow Flow Yoga Asana + Pranayama Meditation, Breakfast, Tantra Meditation, Lunch, Yin Yoga + Yoga Nidra, Dinner, Kirtan

Day 6

Morning Slow Flow Yoga Asana + Pranayama Meditation, Breakfast, Tantra Meditation, Lunch, Yin Yoga, Dinner, Community Kirtan Closing Circle

Day 7

Morning Slow Flow Yoga Asana + Pranayama Meditation, Breakfast, Checkout

Please note there will be FREE TIME to rest and explore the Island throughout the week.


A week of inclusiveness

  • 3 Delicious Hearty Vegan Meals Daily - made from scratch with love with the highest quality ingredients

  • Daily Sadhana including Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Tantric Meditation, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Kirtan

  • 6 nights accommodation at lotus shores with full use of facilities

  • Day trip on boat with local drummers for day island party Yogi style (please note no alcohol)

  • In room Massage 

  • Airport Transfers from Siargao Airport

  • Retreat Goody Bag

  • Use of bicycles to explore island


All inclusive 

*flights/travel insurance not included

Option 1 $

If you would like to bunk in with a few friends, new or old this is the option for you.

Dorm room - 3 single beds per room

$1600 per person AUD


Option 2 $$

If you would like to have some privacy this is the option for you.

Single room - 1 single bed per room

$1900 per person AUD


Option 3 $$

If you would like to share with a partner this is the option for you.

Double room - 1 Queen bed per room

$1800 per person AUD


Option 4 $$$

If you would like to share with a partner of friends and have a bit more space this is the option for you 

Private Villa - 1 Queen bed per room

$2000 per person AUD

Option in villa to have extra bedding in the loft for 2 extra ppl (4ppl in total) - contact for price

To secure your place there is a non-refundable $200AUD deposit. 

Email Sarah to book

EARLY BIRD $100 DISCOUNT - Until January 31st

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